About footprintsKL

Cherish what you have!

One of the cool things about Kuala Lumpur is its immediate proximity to beautiful hiking trails and recreational places. Whether it’s waterfalls, rocky hills or thick jungle, you will find it all in less than an hour driving. We for our part find great pleasure in hiking and enjoy nature in all its beauty. Get out of the city, be active, breath fresh air and maybe even take a bath in crystal clear water.

Why did we create footprintsKL?

Unfortunately, we realized that not everyone seems to cherish nature the way it should be. ALL places we visited so far, were trashed – some more some less. Getting annoyed by the sight of trash in our Instagram pictures (just kidding, we’re not like that), we felt like we have to do something about it. As we go for a hike anyways and don’t have anything to do apart from hiking, why not pick trash along the way?

Shortly after this genius thought crossed our minds,  we set out on our first mission. At first it was just the two of us but as we gained more attention via Facebook and personal contacts during our hikes, we managed to continously grow the numbers of volunteers throughout our missions.

We do not plan to stop here, though. Even if we know that we cannot convert everyone to be a footprints-helper, we do find it important to raise awareness. And for the ones that are keen on joining us, you are more than welcome to do so! Contact us and check our Facebook for our latest missions.


We want to see the movement spread to other cities, states, and countries.