footprintsKL – Missions

Mission 10 – Bukit Batu Putih | footprintsKL

Bukit Batu Putih - Mission 10 Finally, our 10th mission video is ready and it has been long overdue! Bukit ...
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Mission 9 – Bukit Gasing | footprintsKL

Bukit Gasing - Mission 9 Check out our video for our final mission in 2017 at Bukit Gasing and don't ...
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Sungai Congkak - Mission 8

Mission 8 – Sungai Congkak | footprintsKL

Sungai Congkak was short and alot! That's the theme for our 8th Mission, at Sg. Congkak. Although it's not a ...
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Bukit Jugra

Mission 7 – Bukit Jugra/ JugraHill | footprintsKL

Mission 7 Bukit Jugra - We're at it again (this time around with a new tune)! Bukit Jugra is located ...
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Mission 6 - Bukit Saga

Mission 6 – Bukit Saga / Saga Hill | footprintsKL

Mission 6 took us to Bukit Saga. It was a beautiful day and - as always - great team effort ...
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Sungai Lepoh

Mission 5 – Sungai Lepoh Waterfalls | footprintsKL

Mission 5 - Sungai Lepoh Our mission in Sungai Lepoh was one of the more challenging ones. It was a ...
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Kanching Waterfalls

Mission 4 – Kanching Waterfalls | footprintsKL

On our fourth mission we chose to visit beautiful Kanching Waterfalls. The challenge here was not necessarily only the ignorance ...
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Sungai Chilling footprintsKL

Mission 3 – Sungai Chilling Waterfalls | footprintsKL

Our third mission brought us to the beautiful waterfalls of Sungai Chilling. Not only are we improving the art of ...
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Bukit Batu Chondong

Mission 2 – Bukit Batu Chondong | footprintsKL

Yeap, it's finally here. Check out the video of our second Mission at Bukit Batu Chondong. Even though, we didn't ...
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Mission 1 Bukit Gasing

Mission 1 – Bukit Gasing | footprintsKL

It's official! We have recently launched our Mission 1 of #TrashFreeNature starting with Bukit Gasing. We must say, we did ...
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