Mission 6 – Bukit Saga / Saga Hill | footprintsKL

Mission 6 took us to Bukit Saga. It was a beautiful day and – as always – great team effort (even though only the 4 of us this time). The place is quite easily accessible and not too difficult to master.

We did not have the time to visit the waterfall (which was our initial plan). and only made it to the peak. At the peak you will find a cool outdoor gym and other small activities to drain that last bit of energy left in you. Cool thing: they have free drinking water up there – just what you need after a long hike.

We were happy to see that the place was not as trashed, compared to other spots we visited. Yet, any trash is still too much trash. 

Cause at the end of the day we will leave nothing but footprints!


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