This is how long your trash takes to decompose | footprintsKL

After 4 successful missions, we managed to collect more than 10 full trash bags on Malaysia’s hiking trails. This is equivalent to more than 250l of trash! And there was still work to do…

It leads to the sad realization that people in Malaysia (and many other places on this planet for this matter) simply do not take enough care of the country’s beautiful and precious nature. Many do not seem to know the importance of our environment, the extent to which we are dependent on mother nature and the impact littering has !

Have you ever thought about how long your trash takes to decompose? Well if not, it’s about time!

Out of sight, out of mind

We are under the impression that many still live with an “out of sight, out of mind” mentality. As long as the #naturelover#hikingtrip Instagram post looks good, or the front yard at home is clean, everything else doesn’t really matter. But it does! Every tiny bit of trash that we drop in nature or elsewhere has severe effects on the eco system as a whole and will eventually affect us humans as well. And for sure we did not only collect tiny bits of trash, no! Just name anything that comes to your mind right now, and chances are high we found it dumped in the jungle: Plastic bottles, Styrofoam trays, plastic spoons and forks, leaking old batteries, flip-flops, shoes, underwear, cans, diapers (extra yikes), cigarette butts, liquor bottles, phone cases; the list is endless… The following infograph will provide an idea of how much time it takes for your trash to decompose in nature.

After this short clip you probably get an idea of how long your trash takes to decompose. Digest (“decompose”) these straight forward facts for yourself and take a short moment to think whether that little plastic bottle you dropped in the bushes behind you really doesn’t affect you; or your children, or their children, or their children, or their children’s children… Because eventually it will.

Toxins polluting our drinking water

And decomposing is really just one of the issues… Another serious issue is the toxic chemicals and other substances the rain will eventually wash into the soil to contaminate our ground and drinking water (think of diapers…). Don’t let me even start about the natural habitat for animals…

Take your own little trash bags with you

So, when you go hiking or out for a gathering with family and friends, there is really an easy rule (like really easy… reaaaaaaalllyy easy, foolproof basically): “Everything you take into the jungle, or on the mountain, or on the sea, you also take back with you.” (unless there are trash bins, then just throw it there, of course). Easy right?

So, the thing is, you just take a couple of plastic bags with you, collect your trash and throw it at a designated place for trash. Once you know how to do it, you will never forget how to do it (like cycling basically – and cycling is fun!)…

Do it for the greater good

In a nutshell: Be more considerate of your country, its beautiful nature, and the place you leave behind for (your) future generations. Just don’t be a fool, seriously. Think of diaper-infused water… Would you like to drink that after your workout? Would you give your kids battery acid for breakfast? Or feed them little plastic particles for lunch? The effort to help and improve the situation is really close to zero. Help to create a #trashfreenature. Start yesterday!