Mission 4 – Kanching Waterfalls | footprintsKL

On our fourth mission we chose to visit beautiful Kanching Waterfalls. The challenge here was not necessarily only the ignorance of people littering but also the monkeys that scatter the trash all over the place hoping to find food left-overs. We had to go deep into the bushes to pick some of the trash.

Because this place is easily accessible, there was an alarming amount of trash that we collected. 5 full trash bags! And we could’ve collected even more!

It seems that people put a lot of effort to throw their garbage. We suggest to rather use that energy to walk to the nearest bin and throw your trash where it belongs… After all, Kanching Waterfalls is supposed to be a family outing spot surrounded by lush greenery and pretty waterfalls. Unfortunately, however, some spots look more like a dumpster place. It’s a sad sight to see. 🙁

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