Mission 3 – Sungai Chilling Waterfalls | footprintsKL

Our third mission brought us to the beautiful waterfalls of Sungai Chilling. Not only are we improving the art of trash-picking but we are also making progress with the video taking and editing (we received some pro tips of one of our newest helpers).

We were glad to see that Sungai Chilling was not as trashed as expected. Most of the trash we found was on the first few hundred meters. Once we reached the jungle and river there was not that much trash anymore. That’s great!

This doesn’t mean, however, that we did not collect any trash… We still filled 3 bags of trash on our at Sungai Chilling. Just because we expected worst doesn’t mean that this is a good result. Three bags is still way too much! As you can see, our crew grew to six this time! Word spreads and we are happy to welcome all the additional members to the footprintsKL crew!