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Mission 5 – Sungai Lepoh

Our mission in Sungai Lepoh was one of the more challenging ones. It was a steep hike at times and the amount of trash was overwhelming. We collected a total of 4 full bags this time around!

Honestly, we were surprised to see how badly trashed this palce is at points, considering that it is rather remote. It seems people are dumping whole trash bags (household waste) in the middle of the jungle. Moreover, as they do not have any trash bins along the way or at the waterfall, inconsiderate hikers conveniently dispose of their trash along the way.

Hike-wise we had a lot of fun and adventure. Up and down, the journey took us almost 6 hours (including picking trash and some chilling by the falls, of course)! And even though the place still requires some cleaning here and there, we did make visible progress!

First junior member!

And last but not least a big thanks to our volunteers! Once more, we welcomed new recruits including our very first junior member! He’s the only one who was able to jump around the whole trip even (or especially) when the grown-ups were exhausted. Superboy he is!

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Interested to join?

We are always welcoming new volunteers. Do you like hiking? Do you love our environment? Do you want to make a change? Then join us for one of our next upcoming missions and help us clean our precious environment! Contact us for more info!