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Sungai Congkak - Mission 8

Sungai Congkak was short and alot!

That’s the theme for our 8th Mission, at Sg. Congkak. Although it’s not a “real” trekking / hiking spot (as it is fairly developed by Tourism Selangor, with tarred road and camping / BBQ spots along the river side) we still spot trash here and there with our eagle eyes! Especially in the river itself, we found a lot of food container, old rusty bbq grills, plastic. Especially plastic. Not good, people.

We ended up with 4 trash bags! Well, that’t a lot considering Sg. Congkak has it’s own “maintenance team”

Moral of the story is, as long as we keep throwing our trash irresponsibly, no amount of maintenance team can help to clean up the place ENTIRELY. Now that’s a vicious cycle.

OK, enough lecturing. Take a moment to watch our short and shaky *we lost our gimbal. Cryyyyyyy* journey!

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