Best practice example: Zero Waste Town in Japan | footprintsKL

Big in Japan: you think separating your garbage into 3 categories is hard? Try 34 categories! Yup, people from a small town in Japan take their recycling game to a whole new level. 80% of their garbage is recycled and they are aiming to reach 100% by 2020. Kudos for that!👏 Welcome to Zero Waste Town!

What can you do to achieve your own Zero Waste Town?

Easy! Let’s just start small and start recycling wherever possible. 😉
Here are some basic tips to start saving mother nature:

1) Bring your own paper bag/groceries bag when you go for groceries. For us, we brought the huge blue Ikea bag to stack on all our groceries in one go. Smart eh?

2) if you are going to buy small items at the petrol station, speedmart, 7-eleven, etc. try not to use any plastic. If it’s still within your hand capacity to hold it, then why don’t just hold it until you reach your car? Or use your handbag.

3) Always keep a spare paper bag in your car, backpack, handbag just in case you need to use it.

Start small, make it a habit and see how it will make a huge difference in the long run!

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